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Graphic Design for the Irish signage market

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Finding a 'Graphic Designer' within the signage industry is hard.


Because 'Graphic Designer' is a broader term than people realise. Designers fresh from college may know how to expertly throw together a mood board for interior design. Similarly, a designer may specialise in web-based work, or are able to efficiently produce brochures and other printed materials.

The problem is, they all fall under 'Graphic Designer' and sometimes it's hard to differentiate somebody who can make things look aesthetically pleasing from someone who can make things work from a manufacturing perspective.

That is why we at Third Eye Creative draw from our 20+ years experience on the shop floor and in the office of the signage industry to design products and solutions that translate properly to real-world settings. We have an in-depth knowledge of the materials, processes, fixings and technical knowledge of the construction of a manner of signage products and systems so you can forward a client's proposal and we can deliver a proof that's ready to send.

We produce:

- Proofs and design proposal documentation

- 2D and 2.5D mock-ups

- Construction and fitting diagrams

- Brochures, leaflets, livery and other more general design projects

- Production files for plotters, routers, laser cutters

- CMYK files for large format and litho print

- RGB files for the web

- Full brand guidelines and every logo format imaginable

We make outsourcing for design work easy and our loyal and daily returning customer base confirms that we must be doing something right!

We offer professional, affordable quality with a super fast turnaround (we know how the industry works!)

For all enquiries, please email us:

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